Para-Etheral Activity (Japanese:パラエーテル活動, Paraeteru Katsudo) was a game designed by ƒJosh and was supposed to be the third entry in the Downfall FES series. ƒJosh announced its cancellation on a post on Miiverse on October 18, 2017, stating "The game's main feature, the high score system, could not be implemented correctly, as there would be no use for it- especially with Miiverse closing in just two weeks...". He also stated that he will not be reworking the game because "... The high score system was such an integrated part of the game, that removing it would take most of the fun out of it, and no one would play it if they couldn't share their high scores."

What we do know about the game before cancellation

The game was supposed to follow 17-year-old high schooler Tharon Duragari and his pet cat, Bastet, as he went to solve cases involving spectral spirits. Apparently, there were supposed to be 4 case types, but the names of these were never revealed. There also was supposed to be 15 cases in all.