The world map of Llacroix, as it is set to appear in Downfall FES 2.

Llacroix (Japanese: ラクロア, Rakuroa) is the fictional continent that the events of the Downfall FES series takes place.


Llacroix, despite its rather small size (about the size of South Africa), contains many different kinds of biomes present. Looking at the Downfall FES 2 world map, plains and desert are the two main primary biomes. The map is also riddled with many mountainous areas, well. The northern part of the continent is very cold.

In Downfall FES

The continent is not heavily explored in Downfall FES- only the village to the southern most part of the continent, Tokadori Village, and its surrounding forest and mountain range were explorable once the player leaves the tower.

In Downfall FES 2

In Downfall FES 2, the entire continent is rumored to be fully explorable.


  • The continent's name was never said during the entirety of Downfall FES.
  • The continent's name is extremely similar to the last name of Overwatch's Widowmaker (Lacroix)- the only difference is the continent's name contains an extra L in it.