Downfall FESxFire Emblem Fates  was a promotional event held by ƒJosh on Miiverse and Fire Emblem Fates between the five week period of May 21, 2017, and June 24, 2017. During this event, he made one of five Einherjar units (avatar replicas) available for one week each via Fates'My Castle feature. The unit's appearances were based off of their concept art.



  • All units have Supportive, Aether, and Hoshidan Unity in their initial skill sets
  •  On the other note, Septemus is the only unit without a  "-breaker" skill- he instead has Point Blank equipped.
  • Each unit's skill after Supportive was chosen based on personality (example: Amadeous got Inspiration due to his creative nature and being the leader of the team).