Amadeous Lighte (Japanese: ライトアマデウス, Raito Amadesu) the main protagonist and a playable character of Downfall FES


Amadeous wears a blue and white unzipped jacket with blue, white, and black long sleeves over a white and light grey V-neck undershirt. He also wears black jeans with a blue and white belt with a silver belt buckle.


Amadeous may seem like a very calm and self-reliant person, but in actuality, he is very kind and caring. He also has a knack for invention, as he invented both UOSaDU and his weapon of choice, the BlastBlade.

He also doesn't seem to know much about modern leisure and terms- this was shown when he didn't know what a "fourth wall" was when Hiroto and Rantaro brought it up on B6.


Unlike the rest of the cast, Amadeous was not born in the same way- he was genetically cloned from Keres when Keres was sick from the virus from the surface world. Amadeous wasn't the first successful clone- 79 other attempted "clones" were made before him, but they were not stable enough to be treated as successful. Keres later hand-trained Amadeous in the different forms of combat. When Septemus would later re-attack Cetus Tower, Amadeous was not considered emotionally ready for the encounter, and was placed into a cryogenic stasis until 10 years had passed. The game begins where he had just exited his cryogenic stasis.


  • Keresiano Lighte: Amadeous was cloned from Keres, so naturally, he looks to Keres as his father. Keres also taught him how to defend himself in battle.
  • Utopian Operating System and Defense Unit (UOSaDU): Originally, Amadeous created UOSaDU as an assistant. But the pair soon began to behave like siblings.
  • Septemus Darke : Being from the same means as Amadeous, Septemus is technically his older brother. Septemus served as a constant trial to Amadeous during his time in the Tower.
  • Hiroto Ohzan: Hiroto became friends with Amadeous after helping Hiroto prove himself to his grandfather.
  • Michelle Tora: Michelle and Amadeous first started things out rough. Though, the pair eventually got married and had a dragonkin child named Sebastian.
  • Lumis Sontraro and Umbra Sontraro: Like Septemus, the duo of Lumis and Umbra served as a constant trial to Amadeous. The pair are actually his ex-coworkers.